2018 Highlights



Embracing a bold future and inspiring exponential change

As chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation – a leader in using incentives to drive radical breakthroughs – Diamandis shares via hologram how to take hold of opportunities generated by innovative thinking.


Shaping the future of patient empowerment

Patient advocate Judith John on why the voice of patients is paramount in defining a better health future for all Canadians, and how to leverage innovation to foster patient-centred care.


Looking to the next frontier in medicine and health care

As technology begins changing health care in profound and permanent ways, Dr. Brian Brodie looks at how we can ensure innovation benefits us all.


Future of health(care) in a digital world

Future strategist Zayna Khayat offers her perspective on how technology can change health care, and predictions for what the future holds.

Day 1 Highlights

Adopting and scaling up innovation in health: What is holding us back?

Philip Edgcumbe, Zayna Khayat and the Hon. Kelvin Ogilvie explore key issues preventing Canada from adopting new innovations and how we can move beyond the “land of pilot projects” to scale up and spread successful innovations across health care systems.

Collaboration that leads to innovative practices in care delivery

Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, Lindee David, Dr. Sonny Kohli, Scott Livingstone and Amanda Whitewood discuss the power of collaboration from the point of view of government, health care institutions and business – and how to scale innovation to improve patient care. Panelists also share their personal stories on how collaboration helped them build national and international humanitarian efforts.

Empowering better care for Indigenous People

Dr. Cara Bablitz and Dr. Alika Lafontaine present new solutions and approaches to advancing Indigenous health and health care in Canada.

Federal perspective on health innovation and the future of better care

Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor shares the government’s action plan to support innovation in health care, including supporting technology and innovative approaches to reach vulnerable populations and design a better future of health for all Canadians.

Day 2 Highlights

Augmented intelligence in clinical care

Dr. Chaitanya Dahagam and Dr. Gigi Osler share how cognitive systems are supporting clinicians in research, treatment recommendations and patient monitoring, and how physicians are responding to the impact of augmented intelligence in their clinical settings.

Innovative approaches to improve access and reduce health inequalities

Panelists Dawnmarie Harriott, Dr. Kendall Ho, Dr. Tara Kiran and Dr. Kevin Pottie discuss new and inclusive approaches to improving the health needs of vulnerable population groups − including immigrants, youth, and the homeless/vulnerably housed − as well as how to bridge the gap between hospital and community care.

Health data – revolution or evolution

Speakers Aranka Anema and Dr. Peter Vaughan explore the potential for big data in the health field, including how it can be used to design more effective, tailored treatments, can enable patients to better manage their health and health care, and can improve the delivery of health services in Canada.