What do we mean by health?

The founder of eHealth Innovation – a multi-disciplinary team using technology, science and design to make health care better – Dr. Alex Jadad explores the opportunities to re-imagine medicine in the digital age.


Can AI improve the health care experience?

With the potential of artificial intelligence to change the way we understand and use data, Dr. Alexandra Greenhill looks at how AI can help address fragmentation of care and promote good health.


Building better, stronger and more connected communities

As technology changes the way we connect, business strategist and futurist Salim Ismail considers how innovation will make our communities stronger and more connected.


Change as a path to greatness

Hayley Wickenheiser on her journey from one of the best hockey players to her continued involvement as a community leader, businesswomen and, now, medical student.


How does Canada compare with other health care systems?

A UK physician and globally recognized health systems expert, Dr. Charles Alessi compares Canada’s health care outcomes with its international counterparts, revealing gaps and solutions to inform future policy decisions.

Day One - Highlights

Connected Physicians, Connected Patients

Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya, Dr. Mark Dermer, Dr. Trixie Gregoire and patient advocate Sonia Kumar-Seguin explore how technology is disrupting traditional health care delivery and share real-life examples of how connectivity and innovation are leading to better care.

Connecting care when facing medical complexity and social vulnerability

Dr. Andrew Bond, Dr. Matthew Chow, Kirsten Funk, Jaime Libaque, Dr. Samir Sinha and Jesse Thistle look at how to integrate services into a high functioning system of care, with a focus on seniors, children and youth, and people experiencing homelessness.

Doctors and patients as information specialists – optimizing communication

Julie Drury, Dr. Ward Flemons and Dr. Victoria Lee talk about the relationship between information and communication in health care and whether access to more information results in better care and health outcomes.

Day Two - Highlights

Dialogue on Virtual Care in Canada

Dr. Evan Adams, Jaime Drayer, Dr. Linda Inkpen and Dr. Rob Williams discuss the current state of virtual care in Canada, the challenges that remain and solutions to improve its adoption, helping inform the work of the Virtual Care Task Force.

Politically Connected: Put Health Back on the Agenda!

Dr. Ak’ingabe Guyon, Shachi Kurl, David Price and Mercedes Stephenson each bring a different perspective on how health fits in the Canadian political discourse – and the role it could play in the upcoming federal election.


Health Summit Program with Learning Objectives