Patients Included Accreditation

CMA Health Summit is certified as a Patients Included meeting.

1. Projects will be designed, implemented, and evaluated with direct involvement of patients.

  • The CMA Patient Voice representative on Health Summit Advisory Group contributes to the design, implementation and evaluation of the program. The CMA Patient Voice have insight and knowledge to advise the CMA Health Summit Advisory group on how best to involve patients, caregivers and their needs at the meeting.
  • The CMA Patient Voice will be acting as ambassadors to other patients and caregivers at the Health Summit.
  • The CMA is implementing feedback received from 25 sponsored patients who attended the first inaugural CMA Health Summit in 2018 to help design and plan the 2019 Health Summit.

2.  Project goals will be co-created with patients and clearly express their relevance to patient health outcomes and quality of life.

  • The CMA Patient Voice representative contributes to the development of the 2019 Health Summit program including themes, topics and speakers.
  • The CMA Patient Voice representative shares insights and perspectives to ensure the Health Summit resonates with patients and caregivers.
  • Our line-up of speakers includes patients that help to co-create the goals of the conference that clearly express their relevance to patient health outcomes and quality of life.

3. Patients participating in projects will be updated about project milestones according to mutually agreed calendar.

  • The CMA Health Summit Advisory Group meet regularly from December 2018 to June 2019. These meetings are in format of web/teleconference meetings, email exchanges and preparation time. Time commitments are mutually agreed to prior to the start of the project.
  • CMA Patient Voice meets monthly. These meetings include a combination of face-to-face and/or web/teleconference meetings. This group is updated on the progress of the CMA Health Summit at these meetings.

4.  The disability requirements of participants will be accommodated.

  • CMA Health Summit will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, which is a fully accessible venue, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). For specific questions, please contact Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
  • All disability requirements will be taken care of and included in the deliverables list to be supplied to the venue.
  • Conference plenary presentations will be streamed live.
  • The hashtag #CMAHealthSummit will be actively promoted prior to and during the conference to encourage online participation.

5.  All expenses associated with patients taking part in a project will be offered in full, in advance. In addition, patients will be offered compensation for their participation equivalent to that of other project members in a transparent and ethical manner.

  • CMA will provide 25 scholarships for patient and caregiver attendees, including registration, travel and accommodation expenses paid in full, in advance.
  • In addition, CMA will waive the registration fee for up to additional 25 patients and caregivers who do not receive a scholarship.
  • All travel and accommodation expenses for members of CMA Patient Voice who choose to attend will be paid in full, in advance.

6.  The percentage of the total fee associated with the project retained by each participant will be stated in the public domain, unless otherwise requested by the patients taking part.

  • The registration fee is the only cost incurred by participants and is available here. Registration fee is waived for 50 patients/care-partner participants (25 scholarships and additional 25 applicants).